5 Signs It’s Time To Start Influencer Marketing

“I-N-F-L-U-E-N-C-E-R  M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G” rings a bell? Influencer marketing, is in vogue, every brand is doing it these days. And it’s only fair to think why you should do it, too. Look at Cred, yet with another mind blowing ad. Brilliant!  

For starters you’re here, which means you are already considering it, you already know what influencer marketing is. That’s a good start. 

Influencer marketing campaigns enable your brand to reach a vast audience base with the potential of gaining new ones and delivering your brand message loud and clear. 

Haven’t all of us waited around looking for signs from God or someone to tell us that they’re “the one”? Might have to continue your soulmate search for now but this is totally a sign for you to start your influencer marketing campaign TODAY! 

1. Marketing is core of your business

“You’re like, that’s stupid, marketing is the core of every business”. True, but not every business requires social media marketing as hardcore as a B2C business. Brands dealing with customers on a daily basis need a strong social media presence. This is where you meet your existing and potential consumers. 

People scroll mindlessly all day, and using influencer marketing brands can easily get their attention. It’s the creator economy world and we’re all living in it so might as well use it for placing your brand right in front of the audience. There are sooooo many forms of content that one can work with.

Types of content brands can use to collaborate with influencers

2. Want to explore marketing channels

Earlier, brands used to invest in other forms of marketing through multiple channels but those forms don’t get brands an organic reach over the internet anymore. Ads can get you in front of an audience but what about putting your central brand message in an effective way to them? 

Influencer marketing not only helps your target audience but exactly flows your brand message for your audience to intercept as you’d expect. Introducing influencers as your brand’s face lets people feel connected to your brand. They are deeply connected to their audience. In fact, 75% of people’s buyers’ decisions are based on influencers’ social media posts.  This opens the gate to a lot of opportunities and new minds to target. 

3. Tapping a new audience base

Like we just said it!! Influencers open new horizons for you to cover. They have a reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific. You can find international influencers in your following list more than 50% and they affect your choices. With different niches emerging, brands can find influencers that are niche specific to their product and score new audiences with their help. 

67% of brands use influencer marketing religiously for the success of their brands. Influencer marketing campaigns allow you to talk directly with people and spread the word about your brand to those who haven’t heard of you yet. It’s like word of mouth but digitally. 

Brand sponsored posts

4. Limited Resources

If you’re a small business just starting out, there are chances you have limited finances. You need to judicially allocate them. Content creation takes money, time, and effort.  Influencer marketing can loosen that burden for you. 

The best thing about this influencer economy is the introduction of a variety of influencers to work with. Micro and Nano influencers are on the rise. They have a follower base between 1k to 50k. When it comes to having a strong bond and trust factor with their audience, these are the influencers to go for with a high engagement rate. These micro and Nano influencers help you drive traffic and create content that can be repurposed later on. This is cost-efficient and builds trust in people. 

5. Poor traction on campaign launch

Social media campaigns are your one trusted companion when it comes to rolling excitement about your product launches. Imagine, you have a foolproof plan to make your campaign a success. The strategy and content, everything is in place. It’s going to be the talk of the town. BUT! It all doesn’t go as you planned it to be. That sucks, big time!

Now imagine, if you could easily generate content and amplify the reach of your campaigns? Sounds good? Influencer marketing is easy. People look up to influencers to know what’s going on? These campaigns are a great opportunity for extensive growth and placing your message right in front of people. Generate excitement by teasers of what’s coming. Product reviews, unboxing, live streams and so many more ways your campaign launches can be turned around into fabulous

If you’re still wondering if you should start your influencer marketing campaign or not, we can help with this dilemma. Talk to our industry experts and get a strategy that’s right for your brand for free. Let’s talk! 

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