Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns of all times

There’s a saying that nothing lasts forever but sometimes some things do last forever. As a brand that’s constantly looking for ways to leave its mark on its audience, influencer marketing campaigns are a pretty cool way to do so. 

To know your audience and what can set you apart from your competitors in one thing and creating something impactful altogether while also staying relevant is another. 

Campaigns that leave an impression in the viewer’s mind? That needs vision, thought, and execution. While it can seem like a dreadful job, there are some brands that are absolutely killing it with their markable influencer marketing campaigns. 

And what makes them special? It’s their out-of-the-box idea that makes it just more than an advertisement. It focuses on including the community and creating something bigger and better. We’ve brought 5 such brands with one of the most interesting and memorable influencer marketing campaigns of all times. 

KFC India

KFC was ready to launch its new “Double Down Burger” the same way any ordinary social media ad would but got bored of creating the same videos. Instead, they decided to collaborate with food bloggers and create suspense about the new product without revealing the burger. 

The launch of the burger is considered the biggest launch in the history of burgers. To add the cherry on top of a perfect launch, once the burger was revealed, these food bloggers were invited to record their reactions while tasting it. 

Now that’s an interesting way to showcase your product. Recording live reactions as soon as they get a bite. This helped them gain traction not only for the campaign but also intrigued people in tasting it themselves. 

KFC debuted the burger with a commercial featuring Ratna Pathak Shah and Seema Pahwa, both of whom are open about their fondness for chicken.

Dunkin’ Donuts

National Donuts Day falls on the first Friday of June. In 2020, Dunkin’ Donuts had big plans for the day. To put a smile on its customers faces, it launched a campaign on National Donut Day – with the purchase of any beverage, they will receive a complimentary classic donut of their choosing in nearby participating restaurants. 

Sprinkling some more sweetness to this, donut lovers were asked to vote for their favorite variety of donuts. To spread the word like wildfire, the team enlisted the help of eight well-known Snapchat influencers. These influencers created content around the same time and posted updates across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to drive traffic and spread awareness about the campaign. 

Not only this, the brand’s Snapchat channel was taken over by influencers and to enhance their customers’ experience, they also came up with a “Geofilter” that could be accessed by visitors after signing up with the store.

Dunkin’ Donuts snapchat filter

Need we say how successful this campaign was? From appealing content from creators to Instagram takeovers to Geofilter. This marked National Donuts Day as Dunkin’ Donuts’ day. 

Trident Hotel #TridentSocialHotel 

Back in 2014, when influencer marketing was a new concept, Hotel Trident showed everyone how it’s done. You find travel bloggers visiting places and reviewing them. #TridentSocialHotel campaign’s ideas were on similar lines in India. The hotel invited social media influencers to spend a day and share their experience on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

But it’s not as plain as it sounds. To add spice, the campaign was divided into two parts – #Tweesurehunt and #Instachallenge. The former was focused on Twitter. The influencers were given clues to a specific location in the hotel as part of the #Tweesurehunt challenge. And they had to discover that location within the hotel and decipher the next clue. 

 #Instachallenge was an extension of the above hunt. They had to tweet the hints, take pictures and share them on their Instagram profiles. 

Hotel Trident understood the importance of community and engaging them for them to have a sense of belongingness to strengthen the relationship. Are you doing that? 

Daniel Wellington

When you’re talking about influencer marketing campaigns, you can’t miss Daniel Wellington. The core of the brand is balanced on its influencer marketing. 

The brand used social media tools and its influencers in a powering way by teaming up with smaller and mid-level influencers. DW sent over the product and in return, the influencers posted pictures of their watches. 

Daniel Wellington’s influencers showing off their exquisite watches

What makes DW unique is the fact that it focuses on long term campaigns rather than just one-timers. Not only this, but to boost content and creativity, it organizes various events such as Pick of the Day. This urged people to post pictures beautifully with the hashtag #danielwellington. The pick from the pool would get reposted on the brand’s Instagram account.  

Daniel Wellington surely knows how to win people’s hearts and make the most of influencer marketing. 


Baggit is one of the most popular names in India. Everyone with a taste for quality and style loves it. It produced a new line of bags, the SS collection, and wanted the top to promote it via influencer marketing.

The brand wanted to highlight the story of their new bag range. To do so, they threw an event for the launch inviting influencers from the lifestyle and fashion niche. At the event, these influencers showcased their Baggit bags. 

To send the message of the product’s uniqueness, the bloggers were asked questions like – why did they choose this particular bag? Will they exchange it with anyone else if given the chance? 

#PlayTheLifeGame campaign by Baggit

Baggit’s ‘Play the Life Game’ campaign, according to a press release, depicts the varied moods of today’s women, and Baggit has chosen a variety of materials, textures, and prints, as well as a palette of brilliant colors, to mirror the varying moods and emotions of their numerous audiences. 

On social media, there was a 2-day campaign with the hashtag #PlayTheLifeGame, engaging its audience with questions asking them to tell a story or tag a friend. Hence, this is one of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns from a brand. 

Honorable mentions

Taking a moment here to mention brands that aren’t on our list but have nailed it with their marketing campaigns- 


The words “Indiranagar ka Gunda hu main” made rounds when the ad was first released. While Rahul Dravid is known for his cool temper and charming personality, in the ad we can see him losing his temper. And for what? Bengaluru traffic (totally understandable, though). 

CRED’s iconic ad ft. Rahul Dravid

Cred is known for its genius and unique ads, putting a juxtaposition in two scenarios that sound ridiculous to people but is in fact possible. Like this one here, using your Cred points to claim rewards? As ridiculous as saying Rahul Dravid with anger issues. See it for yourself  Cred x Rahul Dravid.

These ads not only grab attention but make the viewer believe that it’s possible.

Fashion Nova 

If you’re up to date with the current fashion trends and know who to trust with your fashion choices, you’ve heard of Fashion Nova. It focuses on long-term partnerships rather than seasonal campaigns and hence is visible on people’s feed all the time.

Fashion Nova has one of the largest networks of influencers involving micro, mega, celebrities and even some of its loyal customers. These influencers can be sharing discount coupon codes in addition to just posting pictures of the products. The brand’s strategy experts see influencers in a pyramid while collaborating.

Fashion Nova’s influencer showing off their chicest outfit

These are just a few memorable examples of influencer marketing and there’s more. Advertising a product is more than just celebrities talking, in the modern world it’s a two way street that involves the community. 

Influencers can create a lot more impact than what one can anticipate and brands are competing to find the right one for their campaigns. We can help you kickstart your campaign of the year. Click here to talk to us!

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