Derma Essentia Partnered with The Good Creator Co. for Brand Awareness & Recall

Derma Essentia is an Indian premium skincare and hair care product brand. Read how the Good Creator Co. created a long-term influencer marketing strategy that gave them the brand recognition they deserved and aimed for with more than a million reach. 

Objective: Brand awareness & recall for long-term consumer acquisition & retention for new product

Almost half the population of India uses various skin care products every day. Derma Essentia came up with a similar product used in everyday lives, the Vitamin C serum. 

Initially, a couple of small campaigns were launched with varied strategies, influencers, and platforms to measure their viability. 

Strategy: A long-term influencer marketing campaign with Hero, Hub, and Hygiene model was created 

After the success of these campaigns, a long-term influencer marketing campaign strategy was developed. This was done to broaden the consumer base and encourage recurring business over an extended period of time.

Hero: This meant having high-impacting influencers aka Macro influencers. We sought out Macro influencers across different niches, introducing the brand to a larger and new audience. To name some, Nisha Aggarwal, Neha Saxena & Shakti.

Hub: To keep the consistency in content and engagement, a blend of Micro and Nano influencers was worked out. This helped in –

A) Running simultaneously campaigns for various products

B) Onboarding different niche influencers, involving more travel and male creators

C) Evely distribution of the campaign to different locations across the country

Hygiene:  For the hygiene part, we kept the need and requirements of the customers/users in mind and onboarded Key-Opinion Leaders. These KOL’s were Dermatologists addressing people’s skincare issues and how Derma Essentia solves the problem, subtly promoting and making it the go-to skincare brand. 

As the vision was long term, the content created was sufficient to be used later by the brand on their website and social media handles. For the campaign two platforms, Instagram and YouTube were leveraged. YouTube and Instagram stories were used to “increase clicks and conversions” while Instagram feed was widely utilized for awareness marketing. 

According to our Hero Hub Hygiene model, we onboarded an equal mix of influencers from various niches to maximize impact with Micro and Macro influencers. A 60-40 split between female and male influencers such as Dhruv Sethi, Hitesh Tekwani, Sid Patil. 

Other boxes ticked off before selecting influencers were – 

  • Their specific geographical locations
  • Focus on metros and tier 1 cities like Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Travel content creators were also considered 

Nisha Aggarwal’s content piece received more than 3 Lakh views, making it the best performing video. 

For a huge campaign like this one it only made sense to create innovative and unique hashtags. Hashtags for the campaign were – #dermalove #dermabeautiful #celebratewithderma #7daychallengewithdermaessentia #dermaessentia #VitaminCbyDermaEssentia #vitamincforskin #dermaessentia #VitaminCbyDermaEssentia

Key Results: The numbers spoke about the importance of creating an impactful and long-term campaign

Content that is occasion-specific seems to be effective for skin care content. Utilizing holidays like Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day to address users needs resulted in highly relevant material with a lengthy shelf life.

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