FIT Rules by FI Mutual Fund: “FI se FIT tak” a Campaign Story

If you weren’t aware already, Fi is a banking 2.0 for the digital generation. The Fi app was introduced in public to imbibe saving habits by gamification of the whole process that lets them win exciting offers with each save. To introduce it in the market, The Good Creator Co. came to its rescue by devising a plan that made people stop scrolling and check out the app. Let’s take a look. 

Objective: FI found a way to make investing fun and to establish its grounds through brand awareness that’ll encourage people with App installs 

Investments have become an essential part of our lives, even so with numerous fin-influencers present across various social media platforms to remind us of the importance of managing one’s finances. Fi realized the demand created in the market and came up with a solution app, FI money: Save & Invest Smart. 

To reach out to its target audience and make people understand how the app changes the finance game of every individual, Fi and The Good Creator Co shook hands. Let’s take a look at how FI became the investment guru for many. 

Strategy:  To get App installs and lessen the investment hassels of its audience to FIT rules by FI that help them invest with each payment made

FI has simple FIT rules for investment without going through the trouble of downloading multiple apps and alarming yourself multiple times at the beginning or end of the month for the investment. This attracted attention from all of the internet, standing out as an unique way to utilize your day to day activities. From Mummy’s daily grocery shopping online to dad’s online payments to your regular online shopping, all of these things could help

YouTube and Instagram are famous platform for fin-influencers and finance enthusiasts and were the choices for this campaign. We worked with the likes of CA Twinkle Jain, Shreyaa Kappor and Shashank Udupa, who created easy to understand reels that resonated with people.

Imagine one day you get up in the morning and you know exactly when to invest your funds and how to track these investments. In fact, the goal was to make people understand how investing can be fun if integrated in daily life and that’s exactly what was put out through these creators. 

The Cost-Per-Click of the campaign was lower than our usual CPC during other campaigns with more than 8K link clicks on both Instagram and YouTube. We found that Instagram videos did incredibly well in terms of link clicks, thus we strongly suggest creating more of these reel videos to brands. What we discovered through this campaign was as soon as an influencer went live on Instagram, the number of followers increased. This helped the brand’s message spread throughout quickly and make it a choice of many.

Results: Outstanding performance with perfect numbers leading to generate a name for FI in the finance world

Influencer marketing isn’t just restricted to limited niches and categories. Fin-influencers have become a great source through which finance brands are reaching their audience. If your brand’s unique with a message that will resonate with the masses, let’s start your influencer marketing campaign, what say? Get in touch!  

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