Geek united with the Good Creator Co. to boost their brand awareness and drive conversions

Geek launched a successful influencer marketing campaign to boost brand awareness and drive conversions through link clicks, reaching more than 1.5 million people. Read how they did it.

Objective: To generate brand awareness and create consideration in customers to check out Geek Products.

Geek, a premium global brand comprising a portfolio of stylish lifestyle products, joined hands with The Good Creator Co. to strengthen brand awareness. The planned campaign was intended to create a desire and drive in customers to consider Geek’s products in two phases.

Strategy: To generate brand awareness and create consideration in customers to check out Geek Products.

Geek had a clear objective of setting the brand tone and driving conversions. To achieve this, our strategists proceeded with a two-fold campaign spanning over 3 months. The campaign was aligned with content created to evoke a strong urge in customers for purchasing Geek’s products.

Phase 1, thrived with the creativity of influencers along with the likes of Vaidika, Rohit Mavle, Vidhi Doshi and Kavita Kataria, garnering a reach over 1 Milion+ and more than 6.5K link clicks. The content pieces were scattered out strategically to get the maximum possible reach and create more brand recognition among viewers. The stories and reels were posted within a gap of three days and acted as a teaser of an upcoming product reveal/review which generated curiosity among viewers. 

Phase 2, with emphasis on intriguing content ideas like topical days for the month of April, this campaign witnessed the participation of influencers like Kautuk, Mudra (thesuperchatori),  Mansi Wadhwa and Chef Guntas. The high quality of the content and the relevance of the product showcased boosted the reach. 

Result: Together, Geek and Good Creator Co. created an urge in customers to consider Geek products and generated 10k+ link clicks leading to their website.

Influencer marketing is turning into a sure-shot ladder to go Viral. With the right strategy and execution, you can launch your next viral campaign too. How? Get in touch and we’ll help you out!

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