How Future Generali united with Good Creator Co. to execute a special mental health awareness campaign. 

Future Generali, an insurance company, executed an impactful campaign that reached 476k+ people, that too within just four days! Read how they did it!

Objective:  Create and spread awareness around mental health and its importance on the occasion of World Mental Health Day

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between three leading groups: Future Group, Generali Group, and Industrial Investment Trust Limited. When Future Generali connected with the Good Creator Co., we had to curate content focusing on the objective of utilizing the occasion of World Mental Health Day to create and spread awareness around mental health and the importance of prioritizing mental health. 

Strategy: Curate content to initiate conversations around mental health as part of total health.

The company ran its micro-influencer campaign with just 22 influencers. Influencers from health, wellness, fitness, sports, and even entertainment niches were onboarded to work on this campaign. 

Micro-influencers such as Lataa Saberwal, Mitushi Ajmera, and Shrut Patel were part of the campaign. On a macro scale, the company also worked with Shilpa Shetty, and Mandira Bedi to create even further buzz.

What set the campaign apart from other mental health campaigns running on social media was that it gave the audience a medium to interact with the campaign by testing their health scores on the website. Influencers sharing their not-so-perfect scores encouraged the audience to take the test themselves but also feel included. Meaningful hashtags in the campaign included #healthinsideout, #FutureGenerali, #TotalHealthScore 

Result: Future Generali and the Good Creator Co launched an impactful campaign that received resounding success within 4 days

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