How GoStudy partnered with the Good Creator Co to acquire 5x Leads

Read how Go Study leveraged influencer marketing to run a successful lead generation campaign that helped them reach 5Million

Objective:  Employ Influencer Marketing to generate leads in the form of sign-ups offering scholarships to students

GoStudy India offers the Czech language and special training to applicants from India, who want to pursue free education in the Czech Republic. When Go Study connected with the Good Creator Co to launch a lead-gen marketing campaign where they wanted to offer full scholarships to students from India and give them access to European education, the content strategy was creatively streamlined to achieve the desired results.

Strategy: Leverage Instagram’s Swipe Up feature with intriguing content and CTA to drive traffic to the sign up page

Through the influencer campaign, GoStudy wanted to reach out to its target audience. To maximize their reach, they decided to work with popular niche-specific macro influencers along with young creators to connect with GenZ audience. The campaign was designed to run on Instagram, in the form of Insta story to make use of the platform’s swipe-up feature to optimize for lead generation.

A total of 77 influencers including prominent creators like Niharika NM, Anubhav Singh Bassi, Kenneth Sebastian, Larissa Dsa, Taniya Khanijow, Masoom Minawala, Raj Shamani, Ayush Mehra, Taneesha Mirwani, Vishnu Kaushal, Apoorva Mukhija, Nidhi Nagori, Sakshi Shivdasani were part of the campaign. Specific hashtag like #IWannaGoStudy was used, providing structure to the campaign. In fact, Niharika NM’s content performed the best with about 35k clicks on a single story!

Result: Together Go Study and the Good Creator over-achieved the target for this campaign acquiring 8X leads

This campaign set out to acquire 5x leads and successfully exceeded expectations by acquiring 8x leads, all it took was one unique strategy and intriguing content. Your brand can receive the love of millions as well. All you have to do is talk to us and start your growth journey.

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