How Humaste Hand Sanitizers collaborated with The Good Creator Co to boost brand awareness

Manufactured by the Aristocrat brand, Humaste is an Aloe Vera-based formulation which moisturizes skin along with its sanitization properties. Read how they leveraged influencer marketing to launch a campaign that achieved 2x reach.

Objective: Leveraging fun and humorous content to generate reach with word-of-mouth influencer marketing

With the objective of creating a different campaign when it comes to communication about hand sanitizers, Aristocrat joined hands with The Good Creator Co to grow its customer base with word-of-mouth marketing.

Strategy: Create witty content marketing Humaste campaign encouraging viewers to promote it on their social media page

For this campaign, influencers from the entertainment niche were shortlisted with a significant presence in Delhi or regions around Delhi. The shortlisted influencers were provided with detailed information on the core objectives of the campaign and the expectation of content from their end,

With complete creative freedom, the selected influencers came up with over 24 content pieces that were published on Instagram and Tik Tok, this campaign included hashtags like #itsallinyourhands, #madeinindia #humaste. Some creators like Shivanshi Sharma Singh, came up with hilarious content that reached thousands.

Results: Humaste Hand Sanitizers achieved 2x reach stemming from this partnership with The Good Creator Co 

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