How Kapiva teamed up with the Good Creator Co. to  generate brand awareness with Influencer Marketing 

Kapiva generated brand recall as a modern ayurvedic nutrition brand focused on bringing selectively sourced natural foods to modern-day consumers with Influencer Marketing reaching up to 3.5 million potential customers.

Objective: Collaborate with influencers to create regional content to portray the reliable brand value of Kapiva 

Known for its quality and Ayurveda-inspired natural foods and juices, Kapiva has created a space for itself for its holistic approach to wellness. With the ambition of strengthening its brand recall and awareness, Kapiva partnered with the Good Creator Co to launch unique regional Influencer marketing campaigns. Based on the success of the first campaign, two more campaigns were launched nourishing the partnership between Kapiva and the Good Creator Co. Read how they accomplished this tremendous growth!

Strategy-  Create engaging content that generates brand value and awareness for Kapiva as the reliable choice for health and wellness 

It is said that ‘Ayurveda is the science of life’, Kapiva with Ayurveda-inspired products always prided themselves on their holistic approach to wellness. The campaign with the expert strategists and the influencers onboarded knew that the campaign had to reflect that ideology. With the target of encouraging audiences to think of their Get Slim Juice as a complete ayurvedic solution for weight loss problems and Skin Food Glow Mix as a solution for healthy and glowing skin, the campaign included influencers in the health and wellness industry and  content in regional languages. 

Phase 1 campaign in January, witnessed the participation of influencers like Anukriti Lamaniya, Ayurcharya and regional video in Tamil by youtube channel Tamil 4 Health. With only 5 posts, this campaign reached 125k viewers within a month with a total engagement of 5.7K.

Following the amazing response, phase 2 in February received the love of 135.9k viewers with a total of 6.5k engagement, this campaign was led by YouTubers like Rabia Skincare, Kishwer Merchant and Chai Bisket

Phase 3 in March stole the show with a total of 10k engagement and 260.6k viewers, creators like Healthy Hamesha, The Glam Couple and Tamil 4 Health left no stones unturned for creating content that viewers could relate to and connect with Kapiva.

Result: Together Kapiva and the Good Creator Co established Kapiva’s brand value and awareness as the go-to brand for wellness.

Influencer Marketing is creating a space for itself as the charioteer of growth. With the right strategy and execution, you can launch your next viral campaign too. How? Get in touch and we’ll help you out!

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