How &Me Highlighted Pressing Concerns Around Women’s Health to Build Brand Awareness

&Me is a distinctive women’s health brand, understanding how Women’s bodies require various nutrients because of their distinct hormonal cycles. Especially in this fast paced life that we live today. Let’s see how they brought up the issues and spread the word about them.

Objective: To reach women from different sectors, facing issues and offer a solution through their products 

With products for women of all ages, &Me focuses on the wellness of women. For conditions including PCOS, thyroid, menopause, and period pain, they produce remedies using natural components.

To meet specific requirements in the areas of menstrual health, fitness, beauty, and mental health, they wanted to create a women’s first, solution-driven, research-led firm. For generating brand awareness around its products, &Me collaborated with the Good Creator Co. 

Strategy: Encouraging influencers to discuss taboo subjects around women’s health with detailed videos

According to research, about 80% of women suffer from conditions like thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, PCOS and PCOD, and UTI-related problems. While people are becoming aware of such conditions, only a little to few know how to balance out these conditions. 

&Me took up the initiative. Collaborating with a variety of female influencers, the company decided to raise awareness of the different health problems that affect women.

The company intended to market its goods in a comprehensive manner. They realized that open discussion of these issues is necessary in order to raise awareness of them and their solutions. So they sought to open a dialogue about women’s health and lessen the stigma associated with discussing such topics.

Keeping the seriousness of the issues in mind, various campaigns were run for different products all of which went live on YouTube. The YouTube videos that were created by the influencers discussed issues like thyroid, PCOS, and UTIs, each of the topics related to women’s health. 

The “whats” and “hows” of them and provided them with a solution. The benefits of &Me goods and how it helps in balancing out the issues.  

Only Micro-influencers were chosen in order to prioritize engagement and keep costs low. Each video lasted for around 3-5 minutes with hashtags #AndMe #NaturalAndHolistic

Results: “1 Brand many campaigns” strategy proved to be a success 

Each video’s comments section displayed a high level of active participation from women who were asking questions and sharing their personal experiences. Your brand is just one campaign away from such an experience. Create a memorable campaign using our experts’ advice and endless creators list from Micro to Nano. Let’s plan, shall we? 

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