How Vibecity collaborated with the Good Creator Co. to amp up their brand recall with Influencer Marketing

Vibecity, one of India’s largest marketplace for handmade products with a vision to support homegrown businesses across the country, created large-scale awareness and trust via Influencer marketing. Let’s dive in and find out how Vibecity achieved a reach up to 900K

Objective : To generate brand awareness about the platform and drive traffic to Vibecity website

To establish brand name in the market, Vibecity joined hands with the Good Creator Co. and relied on the success of the Influencer Marketing campaign to reach their goal. This was achieved by starting a Pilot Barter Campaign, followed by a Women’s Day Campaign, strengthening the purpose and relevance of the partnership between Vibecity and the Good Creator Co.

Strategy : Create content aligned with building trust and recall for Vibecity by highlighting unique features.

Vibecity as a marketplace has focused on unlocking the potential of artisans, creative brands and entrepreneurs, and when Vibecity teamed up with the Good Creator co. it had to be highlighted in the campaigns. As such, two unique campaigns were strategized and launched, one as Pilot Barter Campaign and the other as a Women’s day campaign.

While the Pilot campaign focused on creating large-scale awareness with unique positioning while driving traffic with intent to Vibecity’s website. Women’s day campaign was focused on gathering sales and establishing brand recall and trust by highlighting the unique features of Vibecity.

Vibecity’s Pilot Barter Campaign witnessed an exceptional performance by Isha Anand and Nisha Aggarwal reaching 400K+ and 200K+ viewers. While the Women’s Day Campaign was strengthened by the unique deliverables presented by Rupali Hasija (Story reached 175k viewers leading to  4091 website visits), Prerna Chandra (Reel reached 200k viewers leading to 2486 website visits) and Rajvee Gandhi with reel reach up to 300k. Prominent influencers in this campaign also included Mrunal Panchal, Preksha Rana, Mirnalini Ravi and Diksha Rawat. Truly a campaign that left a lasting impact.

Results : Together Vibecity and Good Creator Co manifested the desired objective with expert strategy and execution leading upto 2000+ orders and 7000+ website visits

The results achieved turned out to be truly extraordinary as, before the start of the Women’s day campaign, the brand was doing around 300 sales per day with a target of 500 orders per day. By the end of the campaign, they were able to hit 2000+ orders a day.

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