How Open Book Marketed itself and became a hit amongst businesses and Entrepreneurs

Newly launched product, Open Book needed to create brand awareness amongst its target audience. By joining hands with the Good Creator Co. brand was able to gain an engagement rate of 0.09% with mere 15 content pieces.

Open Financial Technologies is Asia’s first neobanking platform, and it’s revolutionizing commercial banking. Open is a neo-bank-  a digital bank with nearly all of the attributes of a traditional physical bank. It enables Indian small and medium-sized businesses to manage several bank accounts, keep track of daily expenditures, and pay employees’ salaries.

The company has launched a new product “Open Book” as India’s first Business app. It has an inbuilt feature of online bank accounts, managing business finances like billing, GST, accounting, TDS, payments, etc. in one place. 

The brand wanted to introduce Open Book to its target audience, small and medium businesses. That’s when they partnered with Good Creator Co. to increase brand awareness through an Influencer Marketing campaign, considering how fast businesses are movie to social media platforms. 

Objective: Familiarizing the brand’s new product with its target audience and increasing its user base

It’s the digital age and everything is on the internet now. It only made sense for businesses to handle their day-to-day transactions digitally making their life easy. That’s what Open Book is, making the lives of businesses and entrepreneurs easy. 

With this Influencer Marketing campaign, the brand aimed to make Open Book a regular name by introducing it to their audience and positioning it as a ‘New-Age Solution for New-Age Businesses,’ as well as to launch brand awareness and app installs.

Strategy: Educating target audience about the product by generating content from similar niche Youtubers

To establish its name amongst businesses and entrepreneurs, the brand worked with business finance YouTubers. Primarily, targeting Tier 2, Tier 3, and small-scale businesses in Tier 1(Kirana Stores) cities. Alongside the primary target audience, it also focused on micro-entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, etc as our target audience. 

With business and finance working with its heavy jargon, it can be difficult for small shop owners to understand. Brand addressed this difficulty and focused on creating content that was engaging and simple enough for a layman to understand. This involved several experts talking about the product and how it’s solving issues.

Demographics were a major consideration factor and regional influencers were onboarded to produce vernacular content. 

A total of 15 Macro Youtubers were chosen with subscribers ranging from 90k to 5 Million. There was a mix of regional and vernacular finance content makers on these networks. Hashtag for the campaign was  #OpenBookApp #BusinessKaroSimple 

Some notable creator channels that were a part of the campaign were Quick Support (4.8 M), Business ki Baat (1.5 M), Kaam Kaazi (555 k), Abhishek Goswami (443 k), Satish Khushwaha (783 k) among others. 

Satish’s video was the best-performing one with views more than 40k

Results: With an engagement rate 0.09% Open Book was able to drive establish its name amongst businesses.

Satish’s video was the best-performing one with views more than 40k. Vernacular content performed well with more people liking and interacting as compared to other content.

You too can have your Influencer Campaign customized according to the brand needs. Remember the goal you want to achieve and your target audience. 

Sounds a lot of juggle? Reach out to us and let us help you find the most suitable Influencer strategy for  your brand campaign.

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