Paragon Footwear Launched a Fruitful Brand Awareness Campaign with The Good Creator Co. & Reached 20 Million People

As Indians, we grew up hearing about the brand “Paragon”. It requires little to no introduction as a brand that is sold throughout the nation. Let’s take a look at how the brand re-established itself and became a household name. 

Objective: To Target the youth and reposition itself as trendy, go-to brand

In India, the company, which debuted in 1975 with a meager 1500 pairs of shoes, is well-known. It currently provides durable footwear to millions of people. Even while Paragon is a very well-known brand in India, having reached even the most remote villages, it’s recognised for its signature white-and-blue footwear, which are ubiquitous in practically every home. To reintroduce itself amongst the youth, Paragon partnered with The Good Creator Co. 

Strategy: Rebranding the footwear using comedy and fun videos from Micro and Macro influencers

The plan was to enlist trendy and entertaining influencers who would incorporate the shoes provided to them in their videos. They went live on Instagram with the help of videos made by creators like The Rebel Kid, Abhijeet Kain, Khushi Choudhary and Ronit Ashra. The goal was to produce engaging and entertaining content that seamlessly incorporated product promotion. 

The videos were in the form of a reel and were light bits of fun clips like an enactment from the movie PK or the struggles of wearing heels faced by all of us. 

Paragon also held a contest, which the onboarded influencers were urged to promote on their channels in order to increase engagement. A total of 17 Micro and Macro influencers took the campaign live. The campaign pleasantly reached and engaged 3X more than anticipated with hashtags #FeelStylishWithParagon #IndiaKaStyle #FeelLikeABoss #TransformWithParagon

Ronit Ashra was the top performer 3.4 million views and the videos was 2nd most watch video on his channel 

Results: Paragon’s campaign garnered 3x more results making it the talk of the town

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