How SP Jain generated Brand Awareness and Leads in Tier 1 cities of India

Choosing the right influencers is key in lead generation campaigns. This is how SP Jain established its name by joining hands with the Good Creator Co. and using Influencer Marketing.

Objective: Generating lead and spreading Brand Awareness amongst its target audience across India. 

The SP Jain School of Global Management is a prestigious business school with locations in Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney. The School is well-known for its multi-city undergraduate and graduate programs. Many of its MBA programs are ranked among the best in the world.

The school had set its eyes on achieving leads of students from Tier 1 cities of India and decided to collaborate with makers of infotainment content to reach the target population. 

Strategy: Collaborating with career coaches and discussing the advantages of studying abroad

To start out, the campaign’s initial phase began in June 2021, with three influencers. Macro-Influencers with an audience of 30-250k were chosen to increase reach. 

These were Influencers from similar niches and primarily created video format content around how studying abroad can enhance one’s career. The content was divided into two types –

  1. 1 story
  2. 1 reel or video. 

Reels centered around subjects such as how studying abroad benefited them, why students should consider studying abroad, and college selection recommendations.

The first stage involved shortlisting 3 content creators whose content focused on similar lines. 

Based on the demographics of their target audience, these Influencers were specifically chosen to cater to the need of the campaign. Shortlisted were creators who talk about career and finance and are life counselors. Podcaster Vedant Rusty and Career Coach Nidhi Nagori are two significant creators that worked on this campaign. The campaign went live and ran for just a week under the hashtag #GoGlobalWithSPJain 

In addition to the flood of comments on the content articles, the creators received a slew of direct questions from curious individuals. Nidhi Nagori, the campaign’s top performer, received a stunning 78 direct queries on her post!

Results: The end result gained over 1500 link clicks and 100+ leads.

The significant level of engagement and leads generated show that these influencers’ audiences largely overlapped with the brand’s target audience. You can generate  high-quality lead generating campaigns for your brand, too. How? Get in touch and we’ll help you out. 

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