How Stanza Living partnered with the Good Creator Co to escalate bookings with the help of Influencer Marketing

Stanza Living collaborated with Good Creator Co. to help boost their brand awareness as the favored choice for accommodation. With engaging content produced by mega influencers on Instagram, the campaign garnered a total reach of 18M, helping Stanza Living stand out as a unique housing facility and driving traffic to their website

Objective: Position Stanza Living as an all-rounder accommodation choice with Influencer posts and mentions, establishing their brand identity as ‘Second Home’.

With the target of establishing brand recall and presence among students and young professionals, Stanza Living turned to Good Creator Co. to launch a well-planned Influencer marketing campaign that would assist in achieving the desired target. An abundance of unique content by prominent influencers defined this campaign, with the target audience reacting positively with comments, follows, shares and website visits.

Strategy: Curate engaging content that conveys the homely, squeaky clean, satisfying vibe of Stanza Living, portraying it as the best and most reliable choice for accommodation needs.

Life away from home is never easy, with constant cravings for good food, the need for clean surroundings and fun times with living companions. Stanza Living has always aimed to be the Second home in any new city. On the grounds of their reach, engagement, niche and trust factor, it was concluded that desired results could be attained with the help of  Macro Influencers and Mega influencers. Needless to say, the selected influencers of this campaign didn’t shy away from making their content relatable to the audience searching for accommodation options.

Mega creators like RJ Abhinav and RJ Karishma left no stones unturned with their highly attention-grabbing reels, while creators like Abhijeet Kain and Sukriti set the bar equally high with their exceptionally engaging content. The highlights of the campaign being the unexpected yet pleasant reaction by Jitesh Pillai on the Steffy Sunny’s reel and Vishnu Kaushal’s video catching the attention and comments of Himika Bose and Shirin Sewani

With quirky hashtags like #StanzaLife #LovedByYou and #ApprovedByMom, total 54 posts were created and sent out as short reels and stories. The response received was truly remarkable with viewers reaching out via comments and private messages to find out more about Stanza Living. Not just that, the social media handle of Stanza Living received the love it deserved with a sudden spike in followers.

Result: Together, Stanza Living and Good Creator Co. won hearts and received love as the brand that cares!

In this digital era, it’s so important to stay aligned with the latest trends, placing and marketing your products and services in a way that engages the audience right away. This campaign set out with the objective of reaching 5M and we exceeded expectations by reaching 18M. Great things happen when great brands come together. Don’t let your brand miss this opportunity. We will be right here waiting to make your Brand product go Viral. Click here to talk to us.

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