Urban Platter teamed up with the Good Creator Co. to boost their brand awareness and drive store visits

Urban Platter launched a successful influencer marketing campaign building excitement among customers to drive store visits raising awareness for Urban Platter’s products, especially its Shirataki Noodles

Objective: To build excitement among people to go & checkout Urban Platter’s store by using influencer’s unique code

Urban Platter, an online grocery shopping store teamed up with The Good Creator Co. to generate brand awareness. The planned campaign was intended to create a desire in customers to visit Urban Platter’s Bandra store and try out their Shirataki Noodles.

Strategy: To generate brand awareness and create desire in customers to visit Urban Platter’s store

Urban Platter had a clear objective of generating brand awareness and driving visits to their Bandra store using Influencer’s unique code. We onboarded creators like Palak Sheth, Ishna Batra, Ishwari Patil, Sulakshna Wadhwa and Sakshi Kirpalani to create experience videos where they talked about Shirataki noodles followed by visiting Urban Platter’s Bandra Store.

The campaign received an amazing response, with viewers reaching out with feedback and queries regarding the store and especially about shirataki noodles. The unique coupon code created hype with the audience feeling part of a trend by using it. Ishna Batra and Palak’s reels reached 14k and 9k respectively. However, Sulakshna got the maximum reach- Around 105k (and counting) and around 121k views. She received consistent queries regarding the store and products, even days after posting the video

Result  : Urban Platter and The Good Creator co. achieved their goal and urged thousands to visit the store and try Shirataki noodles as well

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