Father’s Day 2022 with Instagram Dads

Father’s day 2022 is here!!

We’ve all grown up worshiping Spiderman or Batman our whole life but those are just stories, man-made stories. Our real superhero was always beside us, our fathers. No matter the situation, they’re always there to help you out. From the first walk to teaching life lessons, life’s been good with our hero next to us. 

2022 father’s day is just around the corner. While every day should be Father’s day, let’s take this one and appreciate all the love we’ve been showered with and still continue to. Build a fantastically memorable Father’s day 2022 campaign . Keeping this in mind, compiled a small list of GramDads, from Mega to Nano influencers, that you can onboard for your Father’s Day 2022 campaign. Let’s introduce them, and start scrolling! 

Gaurav Taneja

We all know him as the “Flying Beast”, a Youtuber, Pilot, and also known as  “Rasbhari ke Papa”. He’s a man of many talents, from sharing antics of his daily life on vlogs to imparting fitness tips, we all have enjoyed his content. Keeping us informed and entertained, makes one of the top Youtubers in the country. He’s married to influencer and pilot Ritu Rathee Taneja and is the parents of their two girls. His videos are a delight and recently the father-daughter duo took a trip to Kerala, making vlogs on the beaches, award shows, and hotel rooms. 

This is a perfect blend of work-life balance which we witness in his videos. 

Look at the happy family! 

Durjoy Dutta 

Durjoy Dutta is an Indian author, blogger, and apparently, one of the coolest dads on Instagram. Surely, all of us have read his largely next-door romantic novels. His life was no less than a romantic novel when he fell in love with Avantika Mohan, now his wife. The duo has a lovely daughter, Rayna. Durjoy never fails to serve his dad’s duties and keeps us posted about Rayna. The two never fail to slap a smile across our faces. 

We see his feed filled with pictures of the vacation, awards, and some cute daddy-daughter photos. Recently, Durjoy posted a reel on Instagram and jokingly captioned it, “You got to do what you got to do! ✌️”  

Rahul Deshpande

Here we have a very talented, Hindustani classical music specialist, Rahul Deshpande is a singer from Pune. He is Vasantrao Deshpande’s grandson, a well-known Hindustani classical vocalist. He has a YouTube page where he posts videos of his at-home singing sessions, which frequently include his five-year-old daughter Renuka.

Renuka knows all of his songs by heart. They’re shown in the videos having lighthearted, witty banter, and dancing videos all while following the reel trends with cute captions. 

Take a look at this cute video where Renuka dances off to the tunes of “Kaccha Badaam” and Rahul shares it like a proud dad.

Sarb Randhawa 

The username “dadwithmooch” is a nano- dad blogger. He shares his thoughts on being a dad over dadtribe.in. It’s a forum for discussing, introspection, and reflection on all aspects of fatherhood. Sarb talks about how he manages his parental responsibilities while also maintaining his fitness. Many of the duo’s Instagram goofy pictures are taken in public parks and open places, where they can be seen doing fun, athletic activities, games, and sometimes work from home. Look at the picture here, where he’s sharing his thoughts on fatherhood 2.0 (as he calls it) and the emotions going on around.  

Fatherhood is a crown and these kings are wearing it with ease. It’s fun seeing parents helping out others with their experience with parenthood. In fact, to give you some idea, we even have got some brands that launched a Father’s Day campaign last year and it was the only thing people were talking about.


Wonderbly is an international book publishing company. It was an idea that took face in 2012 and their growth has been tremendous. The brand hosted an influencer marketing campaign over Instagram wherein these influencers posted their reviews and reaction.
They collaborated with a bunch of Instagram influencers, creating a personalized book for father’s day. Influencers like @natashanafrini and @beingsummershores were part of this. The concept revolved around gifting the book from the kids to the father as an appreciation for all the bedtime stories he’s told them.

Big W 

Big W is an Australian departmental store. They took the road of influencer marketing for the Father’s day campaign. They partnered with dad influencer, @jamieperkins. His content is revolving around his parenthood and his daughter, Ava. 

To show off their new collection, Jamie posted a picture with Ava and shared his opinion about “Best Dad Ever”. He described a memory with his dad. 



YishionSG is a Singapore based online clothing brand. They went a step further and not only did they use the traditional influencer marketing for promotion but hosted a “Father’s Day Giveaway”. It was open to all. Rules were pretty simple – Follow and tag the brand’s handle and share a reason why they should win the giveaway along with their dad.

Hosting such events across social media gains a huge reach and engagement for the brand. It creates a buzz amongst the audience, exactly what the brand’s looking for. 

The winner, @maybelinesim is a parent influencer based in Singapore. She shared a picture wearing the brand and what they like the most about the products and clearly why they deserve to win. 

This gave YishionSG to gain more visibility within her audience and urged more people to participate. 

Isn’t it cool how these brands turned a day dedicated to fathers extra special for their audience. You could do the same. This Father’s day associate your brand with these urban cool Instagram dads and make it special for your audience. How to get started? We got your back. Talk to us.

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