How to find the right influencer marketing strategy for your brand?

If you’re reading this, you’re already aware of what Influencer Marketing is all about and you’re possibly planning to launch a campaign. We understand that picking the right strategy and selecting the right influencer can be a hassle and time-consuming. Although, we have efficient tools to help you with the same, let us help you with clarity on selecting the right strategy.

The first step involves selecting the right platform for your campaign. Will you launch the campaign on Instagram or will it be on Youtube or Facebook? Of course, you can decide to launch on multiple platforms but remember this mantra ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, meaning when you’ve selected the channels you want to pursue, get one up and running successfully before proceeding with another platform. To pick right, you can focus on the 4Ks :

1.Know your Audience: Remember, it’s about your audience, not you. Understanding your audience helps provide insights into unmet needs. It won’t matter how amazing your content and products are, not even audience size if your selected channel doesn’t have the right target active.

2.Know your Company:  Your products, services and brand personality should be taken into consideration while choosing a platform.

3.Know your Competitors: Research about tools, platforms, means, and methods used by your competitors.  It’s useful to see what others in your space are doing, so you’re making an informed decision.

4. Know your resources : Ask yourself if you have the resources to be successful and consistent on social media, as it can be taxing to keep up with all posts and promotions 

As you start your influencer marketing campaign, you must be wondering ‘how do I proceed with the campaign carefully?’

To help you with similar questions, we will help you learn what brand campaigns are, the types of campaigns, and the objectives of these campaigns.

By definition, a brand campaign is a strategic effort dedicated to achieving the marketing goals of a company while gaining control over the brand’s narrative and public image.

Depending on your brand requirements, the following types of brand campaigns can be considered: Social Media Takeover, Affiliate Marketing,  Sponsored content, Unboxing, Brand Ambassador Programs, Giveaways, and Pre-release campaigns

Sounds easy, right? It is a smooth process with limitless possibilities and potential, right? But it does raise the question – Should your brand even consider influencer marketing?

Before diving into the market, it’s important to know if this is what the brand needs

 When it comes to how influencers help brands, without any doubt:

   1. Influencers have the ability to make your brand appealing

    2. Influencers effortlessly reach your target audience and drive purchasing decisions 

    3. Influencers connect your brand to GenZ and millennials providing vast visibility and reach.

But if a reliable influencer is driving their loyal followers towards a purchase from your brand, your brand needs to focus on ensuring a smooth experience for the consumer. How? Let’s consider :

1. Brand’s social media presence: Maintaining a social media presence will not only establish your brand but will develop connections with existing customers and build trust with potential customers.

2. Brand positioning: The process of positioning your brand in the mind of your customer, sets your brand apart from others. Customers are inclined to purchase products they perceive as valuable, reliable, and relatable.

3. Brand’s website credibility: If you’re a brand with a website, when a potential customer visits your website, will the content and products positively convey your brand’s credibility or will the website dissuade them from making a purchase.

The strategy and process have to remain balanced from the brand and influencer’s end to achieve mutually beneficial results.

While setting up your influencer campaign, it’s important to be the Brand with a Plan. Let’s learn about some influencer marketing goals and the strategies that help achieve those goals.

  1. Brand Awareness: If your goal is to generate brand buzz and awareness, the focus should be on influencer campaigns that aim to earn Brand mentions (influencers mentioning brands casually), Product reviews ( influencers review the product for their followers), Content Sharing (Influencer encourage followers to share content or products with brand-specific hashtags) and Contests (Influencers initiate contests to encourage brand promotion indirectly)
  2. Increase Followers/ Engagement on Social Media: If you wish the hit the influencer’s followers Motherlode and drive them to your social media handle as engaged and active followers, you can plan Social Media Takeover (influencer takes over the social media handle of the brand for a specific period), Focused Shoutouts (influencer gives you shoutouts with tags and brand mentions), Blog posts (work with bloggers to create unique content that influences customers)
  3. Generate Leads/ Sales: If you wish to get two giggles with one tickle, generating conversions and revenue, you can try Custom coupon codes (influencers are provided with custom coupons for their followers), Promotions (you can launch seasonal or pre-launch promotions)

    It is important to communicate your objectives clearly with the influencer as it builds trust and the influencer can help you with unique, trending ideas for the campaign.

We sure hope you’re all set to launch your campaign. We will be happy to help you figure out the right strategy while providing you access to 250k+ influencers. Get in touch with us for details.

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