How to start Youtube Influencer Marketing to enhance your business

Influencer Marketing has become a business-favorite marketing technique. While the term is mostly associated with Instagram, Influencer Marketing on Youtube is no less promising. Learn how to get started with Influencers on Youtube and scale your business.

Influencer Marketing is the trend that’s here to stay. It is one of the most extensively used marketing strategies in practically every business. How do we do that? Who are these Influencers? An influencer is someone who possesses a loyal following who believes and supports his or her advocacy, impacting others’ purchasing decisions. 

The roots of this can be traced back to the times of Kings and Queens. From watching the Queens to Amitabh Bachchan to Influencers of the digital world, we’ve been a part of Influencer Marketing for a very long time without even realizing it. In today’s time, using an Influencer to reach out to a specific audience typically yields a higher return on investment than paid or owned media!

But how do we choose these Influencers? How do we know they are “The One”? Let’s help you out.

Finding the right one 

Look out for Influencers specific to your brand’s niche. Somebody who could resonate with your brand ultimately building trust amongst the audience.  Ed Keller and Jon Berry proposed five traits to define Influencers.

  • Activists are individuals who promote a cause and encourage people to support it.
  • Connected are Influencers with large social media followers
  • Impact, the big guns in their chosen niche and are well-known for their achievements.
  • Active minds discuss a wide range of topics from a diverse set of interests.
  • Trend-setters, as the name suggests, are early adopters and propagandists.

Let’s talk about Guy Kawasaki (Impact), a motivational speaker, talented author, investor, and evangelist. His achievements include entrepreneurship, marketing guidance, social media commentary, and gadget evaluations. Going by his influence, he’s great to work with if you’re marketing a product to Online Marketers but not so much if you’re launching a clothing brand. 

The power of metrics 

As much as we consider Instagram to be the favorite platform for Influencer Marketing, Youtube is far more reliable when it comes to gauging performances. The major attributes to check for while searching for an Influencer on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube are the number of likes on the fan page, the number of followers, and the number of subscribers, respectively.

Engagement rate: This metric assesses the influencers’ ability to engage their target audience. This ratio can be used by marketers to determine a brand’s or an individual’s success rate and is calculated using the formula

Views per post/video and Publishing rate: Another metric to define the strength of your posts is by the number of views the post or video gets. One can falsify the number of likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram but can’t do the same with Youtube views. Anyone can promote their content, but they must do so consistently in order to demonstrate their popularity. 

YouTube provides real-time views and likes, as well as the rate at which channels post content, which is a major deciding element. Thus, easily making Youtube the winner and ticking off the list of why Youtube should be your platform for Influencer Marketing.

Make best use of online tools

Technology has become our one-time solution to every problem. You get all your answers with just one click, whether it be online shopping or finding the right Influencers for your brand. 

How do you go about doing that? When you have internet resources at your disposal and are out of options or need to back up a decision with substantial data, it’s very simple. Social Media tools like Scrunch, FameBitMention

Influicity comes in handy when you’re looking for Influencers. 

How Youtube trumps over other platforms 

If you had a dollar for every time you turned to Youtube to learn about a product, you’d be a millionaire. That’s how simple it is. The best part about YouTube is the numerous influencers there are in every niche. There’s beauty, gaming, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and many more, to be leveraged from. 

If you offer a game product, YouTube has a large gaming audience to tap into. It also has beauty firms that have hundreds of beauty vloggers with over a billion views! 

However, what makes Youtube so special is the inclination of the audience toward video content. As it’s said “Content is the King”, Youtube provides creative freedom to the creators and produces content that the audience enjoys. These videos can be from seconds to even hours. This makes it versatile in every sense. 

Youtube channels like Smosh, Pewdiepie, Dude Perfect, Michelle phan, Lewis Hilsenteger will make you think twice before choosing any other platform but Youtube

4 secrets to successful Influencer Marketing on Youtube 

Direct contact – Reaching out to the Influencer yourself rather than with the help of an agency is the way to go. Unnecessary communication gaps can turn off the influence.

Pick the right one – Do a lot of research to discover a suitable influencer with an audience that matches your intended audience.

Strategies – Foremost thing to keep in mind, before you reach out to Influencers, is to make sure to create an organized plan from start to end.

 Transparency – Transparency is the key to healthy relationships. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Make timely payments and rigorously adhere to the terms of a mutual contract. 

All in all, Brands and Influencers are the two constants in this dynamic industry. If rightly used and targeted by Influencer Marketing on Youtube, it can turn out to be a sweet ride from which you don’t want to turn back.

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