How to use Social Listening tool for Influencer Marketing

Just read somewhere that if you don’t have a social listening strategy in place for your brand then how is it even an effective marketing strategy? And we somewhat kind of agree to it (sorry not sorry).

How brands try to listen to what their audience has to say about them

Let’s define social listening for you before we proceed further –

When brands say social listening, it means their ability to track conversations on social media platforms about the brand and analyzing them for future opportunities. 

Social listening has been a prevalent practice since the inception of social media platforms. Brands have always used it proactively to their benefits and devise future marketing plans. There are various modern social listening tools that lets brands easily track each brand mention, without the constant manual force. These tools could be tracking any of the following things related to your brand or industry –

  1. Brand mentions
  2. Hashtags
  3. Keywords related to the industry 
  4. Changes in the industry 
  5. Mention of your competitors 

With such data you can analyze it and know what people are talking about your brand or your competitor or what they need, that’s helpful in knowing what they plan next. 

You could also try between two or more strategies that are trending, through A/B testing. Let’s take a look how social listening is helpful in influencer marketing –

Finding the right influencers 

As an influencer marketing company, we know the first hand struggle and importance of finding influencers and that too the right ones. The marketers commonly commit the error of working with influencers they personally respect or who are well-liked in their own social media networks. However, these are the things to think about before working with influencers. When selecting influencers, a lot of factors must be taken into account.

Social listening, as explained before, is a tool that lets you know what your customers are talking about your brand. It also helps with which influencer is the most talked about or has the most engagement in a particular niche or category. 

There are various factors that one must consider before picking influencers for their brand campaigns. There are various types of influencers in a category. Through social listening you get to know what people are saying about them. It may be challenging to find and attract the right influencers who would be the best fit for your brand’s influencer campaign after accounting for all of these factors. Given the abundance of influencers in the market, the undertaking is all but impossible. Social listening tools help you with these questions, hence picking the right influencer –

  1. Whose in your product niche?
  2. Whose content aligns with your brand’s
  3. The type of content they create 
  4. How much is the audience involved in their work?

Brand Mentions

There are various mention tools that lets you gather information every time there’s mention of your brand. But how does this help in influencer marketing? Everytime there’s a mention of your brand by a customer or influencer, you’ll get to know what they’re talking about. The questions they’re asking, concerns raised or complimenting your product or service. This will help you plan out your next influencer marketing, whether it could be onboarding influencers who have been actively involved with your brand or addressing the issues through these influencers, since they have the trust of the audience. 

Type of content

Like mentioned above, people are talking about your brand. People who have bought your products or services, people who have heard of you and people who plan to buy your products or services. Social media platforms are the best place for brands to interact with their audience, this is the place they’re most active on. They reshare, repost and retweet things they like and things they didn’t like. Monitor them. Know the kind of content they want to see and enjoy. 

Not only that but it also tells you the feedback a certain type of content format has received. You can try and test 3-4 different formats and types of content pieces and measure which was more impactful. 

Social listening isn’t just for watching people talk about your brand but for taking lessons from it. Data compiled together results in insightful pointers to consider while planning out your brand strategies. 

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