Influencer Marketing Trends to look out for in 2022

Influencer marketing has grown from just influencers posting promoting brands to a whole new world in itself, in the past couple of years. With every new year, some changes keep happening in the market. The basic structure of business between the brand and influencers remains the same but the nature of it is dynamic. New influencer marketing trends are introduced in 2022.

Trends come and go but to stay relevant with current times is the need. So, if you’re someone who’s looking to grow in the influencer industry, keeping up to date with the trends is very important and you are exactly at the place that you need to be to know it all. 

What was the last trend that you remember following ardently? Bet, you want to remember these because these are the hottest topic amongst marketers and influencers right now.   

Come let’s explore the marketing trends that will help in skyrocketing your business. 

Long term collaborations 

The moment you hear the word collaboration, you think of a one-time or short-term collaboration. This used to be the case before, not anymore. 2022 is the year of long-term, ongoing partnerships. 

Brands will be looking out for influencers to work on longer projects with a vision and mission. Why this sudden shift when brands can have varied influencers to work with? Well, the clear answer is sales. Converting a new viewer with just one post is a challenging task. Sales take time and with such collabs, that’s possible. 

Gymshark is one such brand that took a risk and started its ambassador’s program a few years ago (when it wasn’t so cool!). They proved to everyone that taking risks can change the course of your business. Their ambassador program has influencers like Nikki Blackketter, David Laid, and Saffron Barker. 

Creators turning into affiliates

The fine line differentiating between affiliates and influencer marketing is now disrupted by marketers with influencers playing a critical role as affiliates. Earlier affiliates were outsiders, irrespective of how big their online presence was, and promoted the products.

Presently, most influencers are recommending brand products for a percentage of fees, though, being very careful of what they promote is genuine. Influencers are becoming very careful of who they work with and promote. If their followers feel the content to be unauthentic, they’re likely to lose that follower. 

With a huge number of followers, influencers are benefitting brands with affiliate marketing on a much larger scale. Combining the influencer’s collaborations and affiliate programs gives a chance for both parties to gain something more from the campaign. 

Popularization of video content 

The spread of the internet has brought about a lot of changes. The Internet isn’t a luxury anymore but a necessity. The introduction of 5G and optical fiber internet has spread like wildfire in many countries. As a result of the internet becoming pervasive, people have started consuming more content online. 

Our innate attention time span for anything is very short. We are quick to dismiss things that require time, effort, and attention. When was the last time you read a book or an article? (ignore if you’re a crazy reader). It’s not because you have zero interest but because of the lack of time, you hold in your hands. And taking advantage of this issue, the internet is shifting toward video content rather than text content. 

But, (there’s a but to everything, isn’t it?) even with video content, while long format videos were originally a hit, have been replaced by short formatted videos. 

An average human attention span is less than 8 seconds (gotta make the most of the first 3 seconds). From the moment we’ve been introduced to Tik Tok and Instagram reels, short videos have become more popular. Youtube recently launched its Youtube Shorts to match the demand for short videos in the market. You should do the same! 

Rise of Live Shopping 

The concept of Live Shopping was first set in motion by the Chinese influencer marketing industry in 2021. These influencers went live and promoted the products on live videos within their communities. What made a difference from a usual picture post was that this created a personal experience for each individual. They could interact and ask questions about the product up front. 

Live Shopping is estimated to reach $500 billion by 2023. Top apps like Instagram, Amazon, and Tik Tok have already built a Livestream shopping tool. Make the most of it to connect with your audience and give them an experience that keeps them bringing back to you. 

Focus on Micro & Nano influencers

If you are new here, let’s tell you that there are different categories in which the influencers are clubbed. Influencers can be divided into various categories, we have put them in 5 

For a long time, celebrities and Macro influencers have enjoyed the status and benefits that come with it. Earlier, for brands to collaborate with influencers or followers to trust someone’s recommendations, it would be influencers with thousands of followers. That changes in 2022, people have slowly moved their trust in more authentic and unfiltered content from influencers that add value to their lives. According to Later and Fohr’s 2019 report, Micro-influencers, particularly ones with less than 25,000 followers, had the highest engagement rates, at roughly 7%. 

Working with Nano and Micro influencers will give brands the opportunity to work with influencers that have deep connections with their audience while also working with a large number of them as compared to a few big ones. 

Influencers to Entrepreneurs

New businesses are coming up and these are not just regular brands by established companies but by some of our favorite influencers. What sets them apart? Well, after spending years working in the industry, becoming familiarized with it and its audience, and building connections and trust, these influencers are coming up with their brands. Their reputation amongst people is useful as their loyal followers trust them.  

Deeeclothing by Deeksha Khurana is one such brand we can think of right at the moment. Deeksha’s style is uber cool and comfy and that’s what the brand is all about, making people love it even more. 

We have many such celebrities to influencers that turned their passion into a profession into a successful business just like Juhi Godambe, Simran Bhatia, Aashna Shroff, Usaamah Siddique, and many other such names.  

Authenticity is the key

As these new trends have been introduced, one thing that majorly impacts all of them is authenticity. The word has been around for quite some time now and people are becoming more and more inclined toward watching authentic content. 

Take yourself and imagine if you’d enjoy the content that’s simply a branded one with zero creativity or something that feels reel and relevant, all while including the product? Of course the latter. Authentic content is what makes it relevant to the audience. 

Remember, imperfection is perfect. It’s not a TV ad that it needs to look perfect but rather real. Talk about things you like and even don’t like about the product/brands to let your followers know it’s not just the brand talking but a friend.  

Diversity and Inclusivity

The last couple of years has been about inclusivity and the fight against discrimination. We often see it around in places we don’t imagine and that’s coming to an end. People are learning and unlearning things, this has helped in shaping the way we see influencers too. 

More and more influencers of color are being given equal opportunity and visibility. Brands are rightly conveying their brand message through these influencers, reaching a broader audience. 

Some of the influencers of colors that your brand should consider are Nyma Tang, Nita Mann, Masoom Minawala Mehta, Miss Enoch, Jane (KOKO) and Hendrick Famutimi 

Growing NFTs and Crypto 

The finance industry has been booming in the past few years. People are becoming interested and learning about ways to invest and earn. At about the right time, NFTs and crypto currency exploded in the market. 

This is a great opportunity for finance brands to use these finance influencers as the face of their brands. People trust them and their advice, and working closely with them would be beneficial in creating a name for the brand. 

Subscription-led model 

As ad revenue and other revenue streams dwindled, Live streaming and implementing influencer subscription models are two simple ways influencers can monetize their platforms.

The popular photo-sharing app, Instagram has recently launched its subscription-led program. Through this program, influencers can build a connection with their loyal followers and generate a monthly income. The program lets the subscriber (follower) have access to exclusive content, perks, and being able to interact with the creators for minimal fees, all on the same platform.   

Currently, it’s available to a small number of creators in the US, while it’s still in its testing phase. Instagram believes to expand it based on its ongoing test.  

There are changes happening all the time. Staying up to date can be tough but not to worry, you know where you get all your necessary dose of information related to the industry.

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