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Innovative ways brands are using Instagram video marketing to reach their target audiences

With the introduction of video marketing, brands and creators have utilized it in the most efficient way to target the right set of viewers. This has increased demand for more video ads by brands. Find out how that happened and how the dynamic has changed with social media.

Instagram has approximately 1 billion monthly users, with over 928 million of them being classified as potential audience members.

These figures above demonstrate the broad range of services provided by the well-known photo and video sharing platform to businesses. In addition to generating some great marketing strategies, social media marketers should consider Instagram advertisements as a key tool in building brand reputation.

Ads are an important component of the marketing strategies for brands. There are multiple ways to promote, whether it’s a case or a result, Instagram videos are clearly dominating the industry.

How and Why Instagram videos are a hit? 

  1.  53% of Instagram users have a favorite brand that they follow on the platform.
  2. Instagram has a 10x greater engagement rate than Facebook and an 84x higher engagement rate than Twitter.
  3. When compared to other social media sites, it is grown and still is, at a 5x faster rate.
  4. Advertisers can target a youth audience of up to 52.9 million people.
  5. On Instagram, videos can attract almost 21% more interaction than their image equivalents.

Further, Instagram’s algorithm facilitates ads in such a way that they reach the maximum target audience. Instagram has a potential advertising outreach of over 849.3 million users, with 60% of users claiming to have found products on the platform.

This has made Instagram a hit with brands. Instagram video marketing has gained a lot of traction among the top 100 firms on the platform, and it’s already getting a lot of attention. They have 25 million company profiles and over 2 million monthly advertisers, according to their website.

Instagram video is a wild west, inhabited by variety. According to the type of content, placement, duration, and presence, videos on Instagram can be classified into four broad classes. Let’s talk about them.

4 categories of videos dominating Instagram

Infeed video post 

The most common form is the video posted on our feed. It is the basic video content posted on Instagram with a description or explanation to complement the content. It’s simple video material that’s been uploaded on Instagram and accompanied by a description or explanation. 

These video posts don’t have an expiration date, until deleted completely and can be edited anytime after being published. Users can add any other profile to the post, as well as location and filter options.  Instagram previously only permitted video uploads of up to 15 seconds, but this has now been increased to 60 seconds

Instagram Stories 

This one has to be one of the most preferred ways by the audience and brands. Businesses’ accounts make up for one-third of the most viewed video stories, with an average of 2.5 articles every week. Instagram stories are currently the most trustworthy and widely distributed video content medium on the social media platform.

The increase in vertical video consumption demand in digital markets has fueled this type of transient video sharing via smartphone. It shows in the top bar of the relevant feed and, unless erased manually, vanishes after 24 hours. To make sure your stories stay longer than 24 hours, add them to your highlights. 

It runs in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent upload, and viewers can browse by swiping on the screen’s edges. In a newly launched feature, Instagram stories can be liked and reacted on, with DMs and sharing options. 

Advertisers/host users can, however, control who can see or share their stories. On video content, brands always include a call to action, asking the audience to act in a certain way. CTA’s can have links to landing and swipe up to follow features. To make the stories more interactive for the viewers, users can add mentions, tags, and polls.


IGTV aka Instagram television is a feature that supports Instagram video content that is longer than one minute and cannot be fully uploaded to the feed.

From the time it was introduced, IGTV changed the way content was shared on Instagram. Creators and brands made full use of it and promoted long-form content over Instagram that can earlier be only accessible by Youtube or similar platforms. It can be used as a separate program to post long-form videos, but Instagram users can also access the video-sharing format.

Brands can use IGTV to boost their brand’s visibility, conversions, profits, and network because it blends the best of both worlds: YouTube and Instagram.


The most interactive of them all has to be Live Streaming. You can be wherever in the world, with good Internet connectivity you can easily have access to it. This Instagram feature enables businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time. While a user is hosting a live video broadcast, an icon blinks to signify that the broadcast is still going on and that others can join in and comment, as well as engage with the host. It also allows adding more than one host at a time. 

In the year 2020, people definitely prefer video content to photographs or any other form of media for a variety of reasons. Top brands have moved on to generating unique video commercials to obtain, keep, and extend their customer base because videos are simple, convenient, and entertaining.

Instagram video content, on the other hand, has shown to be more acceptable and effective in terms of leaving a lasting impression on the audience. It is more persuasive and, in addition to being extremely capable, it helps the brand appear trustworthy.

So, if you’re a brand looking to diversify the way you reach out to your audience, video ad marketing is the way to go.

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