Instagram Link Sticker: How to Integrate them with Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Instagram retired its swipe-up feature and replaced it with link sticker, which brought in a lot of confusion among creators and brands. Here’s how to use link stickers and integrate them with influencer marketing campaigns.

The beginning of September this year saw Instagram retired its swipe-up feature, which brought in a lot of confusion among creators and brands.  

So, how does one create links for Instagram stories? The answer is Link Sticker!

Instagram began testing out the link sticker a few months back with a handful of creators. Now, the platform has rolled out this feature to all creators and business accounts who previously had access to the swipe-up feature.

Let’s discuss how to use link stickers and their effective usage in influencer marketing campaigns.

When a user clicks on the link stickers, the “visit link” option appears which then redirects the user to the desired landing page. It requires two clicks rather than a simple swipe-up.

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So, how exactly is this feature more advantageous than regular swipe-up?  

Using these stickers, users actually have a clue to where they are heading towards

  • You have an option to add text or simply put your website link. For example, to direct users towards a landing page selling shoes, you can create the link as ‘’. 
  • Stickers have more transparency than the swipe-up option owing to the fact that the swipe-up feature doesn’t exactly tell the user where the link might take them.
  • The second advantage of link stickers is that you have the feasibility to place them anywhere on the story screen. This would allow creators and brands to be more creative and flexible with their call-to-action placement.

Follow these to get started with link sticker:

  1. Click on the plus icon on the app screen.
  2. Scroll through your gallery to select your story.
  3. Add the relevant text or any other media.
  4. Tap on the sticker icon and search for ‘Link’.
  5. Click on the link sticker and enter your desired website link.

What Does it Mean for Your Brand Campaigns?

While running influencer campaigns, click-through rate (or CTR) is quite crucial to analyze the overall effectiveness of the campaign. It is quite natural for brands to expect CTRs above the industry range while promoting their products and services.

Platform updates such as these drastically change the outcome of such campaigns. So, would the new link sticker feature affect the normal click-through rates? It shouldn’t as long as you test and experiment with the feature. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while briefing influencers about the deliverables:

  • Make sure creators/ influencers have an updated app version so that they can use link stickers.
  • Link sticker should be properly placed in the story so that it attracts more clicks
  • Use link shorteners in case the destination website is too long.

Instagram is set to launch a bunch of other cool features to make the platform engaging and suitable for content creators. It, therefore, makes sense for brands to invest in Instagram influencer marketing to create awareness about their products in an efficient manner.

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