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As a brand marketer, you know how influencer marketing is now the key marketing weapon of leading brands, with brands allocating 25-30% of their marketing budget to influencer marketing. However, we shift our focus to niche marketing- in the influencer industry.

Influencer marketing is here to stay and you can’t convince us otherwise. Not only can influencer marketing boost your brand’s visibility and conversions but it also makes your brand connect on a deeper level with the consumers. 

Niche Marketing with Influencers?

However, not all niche marketing strategies or execution can pan out well and we’re sure you agree. What’s the fix? You need to start asking this every time you plan a campaign: What will be the best influencer category for my product? Who aligns with my target demographic?

How’s this going to help?

Why Niche Marketing?

Imagine this – you start following an influencer in the technology niche, you will start trusting this niche influencer’s opinion on products and services in the technology niche. However, if this influencer suddenly starts posting about beauty products or baby products, it would just be another advertisement directed to make you buy a product, and the trust factor will be missing. How is it going to help your business?

The only response you will be receiving from the followers (we don’t blame them, this is our reaction too)

The Untapped Potential across Niches

From Fitness and Travel to Tech and Beauty, niche marketing focus on specific areas of interest. Most of their content is targeted to audiences with similar interests, helping them forge strong connections with their followers.

With the right influencers, any niche can be profitable. However, there are few industries that don’t seem to diminish when it comes to niche marketing. Do you know which ones?

i) Health and Fitness:

Who doesn’t want to be fit? Health is wealth, right? And these niche influencers know and inspire every age and ability. From Yoga, nutrition, cycling and more, the niche influencers for this industry are leading their followers on a fitness journey.

ii) Beauty and Fashion:  

Never out of style, these niche influencers are popular among the masses. With styles, labels, techniques, beauty routines and more, these content creators never fail to awe the viewers searching for fashion and beauty tips.

iii) Travel:

When the travel bug hits, you know it’s always an experience to witness. Travel niche influencers are in a unique position to share their encounters with their followers, creating a strong sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). These content creators can share sponsored content that ranges from destination partnerships, restaurant promotions, municipal travel stimulations, transportation collaborations, and more.

The Road Less Taken with Niche Influencers

Now, we have covered some of the popular industries on social media, and if you answered Yes to our question- Are you one of the above? You might want to consider if your marketing strategy needs to be revamped.

Of course, it’s easier said than done and to make it a bit smooth for you (as it can only be completely smooth if you collaborate with The Good Creator Co. 😉 ) we have some sure-shot tips listed below. Oh yes, you can thank us, it did take time and effort to research this for your brand’s benefit. 

i) Similar values:

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier’ and this stands true while shortlisting niche influencers for your campaign. Let’s take an example – Suppose your brand believes in affordable fashion. So, affordability should become the core focus, shortlisting niche influencers that promote luxurious fashion won’t help you reach the right audience.Niche Marketing will always be the smooth path your brand needs

ii) Engagement:

With the rise in the trend of buying fake followers and likes, it’s easy to get fooled and you can end up losing a lot of money with no returns. If you want to weed out fake influencers, you need to check the influencer’s engagement rate. That will help you give a better idea about the leads you can gain. One of the tools you can use for this purpose is  Influencer Insights.  

iii) Hashtag research

Make a list of relevant keywords and hashtags related to your product or target audience, like #travelblogger #fashionblogger and so on. This will help you keep a tab on influencers using them frequently. If they have a sizeable following and engagement, you can reach out to them.

Now, that you’ve entered the intermediate phase from beginner, you’re 50% ready to launch a niche influencer marketing campaign. How to be 100% ready for 100% returns you ask? Why, of course! You reach out to The Good Creator Co here.

With over 250k+ influencers across all niches and regions, we are a trusted partner of 1200+ globally leading brands. What do you say, partner? Ready to win the internet?

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