Trends on Social Media

Trends on Social media are constantly evolving too fast from helping people connect with each other to offering companies a way to connect with their target audience .

The strategies that worked in the last few years may not be relevant in today’s ever-changing world. Let’s find out more about recent updates and trends on Social Media.

Updates :

  1. Instagram recently bumped up its Reel length up to 90 seconds to help a lot in covering all aspects of product promotion in an elaborate manner without rushing the process. We can only assume this will help with higher returns on influencer marketing.
  2. Updates to watch out for remain Meta’s Monetization Support for reels on Instagram and Facebook, helping creators explore new ways to earn money.
  3. Instagram implemented new interactive tools with the reel features like polls, quizzes and emojis to improve interaction with viewers.
  1. TikTok is gaining popularity as the app of choice for the younger crowd or GenZ.
  1. Meta had recently launched something every brand needed. It has published a “Community for Brands Playbook”.

Trends :

  1. Social Media Outsourcing: Your outsourcing partner figures out your content and advertising strategy. They’ll also know the current social media landscape better – giving you a more effective plan.
  1. Rise of Short Form Content : Today, audience engagement is higher with short-form content. Brands will need to identify which type of content will work better for their marketing – long or short.
  1. Rise of Performancebased deals: As Brands and Influencers start seeking long-term collaboration, this could turn out to be one of the key metrics for selecting the partnership.
  1. Niche Influencers: There’s a high possibility of the majority of influencers shifting their creator talents to niche content, making them more alluring to brands catering to those verticals

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